John Dyer inspires rainforest art in the USA

Published on 04/10/2018

The art of John Dyer inspires school children all over the world and we have just been sent a delightful series of crayon drawings from a class in the USA that John Dyer spoke with a few weeks ago.

Following an interactive skype call with the artist about the rainforest, John’s Amazon paintings and tribal culture the children went away and produced their own rainforest art - connecting them to the rainforest.

The class teacher Celithia Tahtinen from the Henderson Mill Elementary school in the USA wrote: “My students wanted me to send you some of their drawings. They actually presented them during fine arts night, because there is a video attached to each piece of art using HP Reveal. They would absolutely love it if you featured some of them on your blog. For their fine arts presentation, they actually told how you inspired their art and some things they learned from you! Thanks for making such a wonderful impact on my students. This definitely helped to connect the Art in STEAM!”

We are delighted to help out and to showcase the children’s art here in this blog post. Enjoy !

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