Royal Cornwall Hospital Truro Exhibition of John Dyer and Joanne Short Framed Prints

Published on 08/21/2011

The Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro, Cornwall is hosting an exhibition of signed prints by artists John Dyer and Joanne Short.

The exhibition is on until the end of September 2011 and showcases significant paintings from the artists’ careers.

The prints are hung in two blocks of work in the main corridor - the Trelawny Gallery.

“Having been poorly recently I have found myself at the hospital on a number of occasions. Some of these visits have been for serious investigations and one emergency operation. While waiting for treatment I found that the art hanging around the hospital became a great focus for my mind. It helped to calm me. When the hospital approached us with a view to exhibiting this year I had no hesitation in accepting as I know that our work will help to get people through their problems and if it puts a smile on just one face then it has been worth it.” 

John Dyer 2011.