The Art of Ted Dyer Featured on Public Banner in Falmouth

Published on 06/11/2012

Artist Ted Dyer next to his painting "Sunlight on the Sails, Falmouth Tall Ships" which has been reproduced on the gigantic arts banner that celebrates the best of Falmouth's art history.


The Splash festival in Falmouth this week features the Ted Dyer painting "Sunlight on the Sails" which captures the majesty and light of the Tall Ships in Falmouth.

Ted Dyer is one of Cornwall's best know artists and is the Cornish Impressionist with a career spanning over forty years.

His work hangs in the permanent collection of the Falmouth Art Gallery who are also one of the partners of the project.

The original painting is now available for sale from The John Dyer Gallery and can be viewed online now.