John Dyer Painting featured in Falmouth Frameworks Book and Exhibition at Falmouth Art Gallery.

Published on 08/10/2011

The late Brian Stewart, the former director of Falmouth Art Gallery, has just had his last book published.

The book ‘Falmouth Frameworks’ is a very special project that uniquely takes a gallery collection and illustrates each piece with the frame included.

On page 50 of the book John Dyer’s major painting ‘Zooing Around’ is illustrated with a detailed description of the artists chosen frame and the history of the frame. The painting is part of the public collection in Falmouth.

“There are no museum objects that are more neglected than historical and artist-designed frames. Frames are often an integral part of the works but despite this they are sometimes separated, not conserved or not catalogued.

Using Falmouth's important collection this exhibition examines the artists' relationship with the frame from the early 18th century, through to the modern day. Included are Sven Berlin, Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, Thomas Gainsborough, John Dyer, Kurt Jackson, Dame Laura Knight, Sir Alfred Munnings, Ben Nicholson, John Singer Sargent and John William Waterhouse.

In association with Paul Mitchell Limited and the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

The new book ‘Falmouth Frameworks' is published by Sansom & Company.”

The book is a large hardbound volume, lavishly illustrated and beautifully produced. It is available now at £25

‘Falmouth Frameworks’ ISBN 9781906593759.