Joanne Short Commissioned to Paint the Hanbury’s Private Garden in Italy. Giardini Hanbury.

Published on 03/26/2008

Carolyn Hanbury of the world famous Hanbury Gardens in La Mortola Italy has asked artist Joanne Short to paint her own private garden which is not open to the public but is set alongside the Hanbury Gardens.

The amazing Mediterranean garden is ablaze with colour in the March sunshine and Carolyn specifically wanted a contemporary painting to capture the spring flowering bulbs and elegant forms that the garden presents at this time of year.

Joanne’s paintings focus on the forms of flowers and the landscape and have a very elegant and colourist approach which attracted Carolyn to the artist’s work.

Joanne worked in the garden on a series of drawings before embarking on the 24 x 24 inch canvas which she also completed immersed in the flowers and colour of this Mediterranean paradise.

The final painting will be exhibited at the “Singing and Zinging” exhibition which is due to open in the South of France in June 2008.