Artists John Dyer & Nixiwaka Yawanawá


John Dyer &

Nixiwaka Yawanawá

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John Dyer

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Two Creative Cultures Brought Together

In the World's largest Captive Rainforest

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Nixiwaka Yawanawá

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Photo Credit: epa european pressphoto agency b.v. / Alamy


Connecting Children to

The Rainforest & Tribal People

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Connect to Tribal People

And the Rainforest



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About John Dyer FRGS
Painter in residence for the Eden Project

John Dyer is one of the UK's most exciting and well known postmodern plein-air painters. His work is collected internationally and his paintings have been the subject of popular television programmes and a wide range of merchandise. 

John's environmental work studying the ethnobotanical relationships of plants with the Eden Project has firmly placed his work at the forefront of contemporary art and he is one of the UK's best known international environmental artists, having worked with leading scientific organisations across the globe. Robin Hanbury-Tenison made John a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in 1989. John has worked with the Eden Project as their Painter in Residence from the very early days before the biomes were built to the present day.

Above: Garden of Eden by John Dyer 33 x 40 inches arcylic on board. This painting is part of the Eden Project's permanent collection of Art

There is an innocence and freshness to John Dyer's art that follows a tradition in Cornwall that includes the work of Alfred Wallis, Christopher Wood, Fred Yates and Bryan Pearce. Rather than trying to record what he sees, John sets out to capture the 'essence' of his subject. The 'essence' of seagulls, cats, dogs, bobbing boats, or exploding fireworks communicate far more strongly through John's brushstrokes than they would if drawn more traditionally. It is this ability to capture the 'essence' of what is important that seems to appeal to those who have shown great vision and originality in their own careers, such as Tim Smit, Alan Titchmarsh or Kim Wilde. Find out more

“My experiences with my paints and canvas have taken me around the world. I have been chased by wild pigs in Costa Rica, swam with piranhas in the Amazon, avoided having guinea pigs cooked for me in the high Andes of Peru, shared chilled rose wine with the team at Banrock Station in the Australian outback surrounded by sulphur crested cockatoos, watched Lemurs climb up my easel and peep over the top of the canvas, painted as children scour the rice fields for a bowl of food for the night, seen thousand of crabs scuttling for cover on the caribbean coast, shared food with Alan Titchmarsh and washed up for Kim Wilde! Each time I explore a new subject in paint I have a visually stunning and unique set of experiences to share and remember." John Dyer

Above: Artist John Dyer working in the Amazon Rainforest in 1989, the Eden Project in 2001, Live 8 at Eden and in Peru for the United Nations year of the Potato

"John's work is pure painted joy -unbuttoned, jumping up-and-down, salty, earthy, laugh-out-loud, natural energy. His pictures make you want to touch felty leaves, squeeze fat fruit, push your nose into flowers and breathe deeply. It's no surprise that his paintings are popular the world over; whether he is painting a vineyard in Provence, the Humid Tropics at Eden, or docks and beaches in his own native Falmouth, he touches a very human need - the innocent thirst for light, pattern and colour. We sense in John's paintings the sheer human thrill of being alive... It has been an absolute delight hosting him at Eden, he has charmed staff and public alike with his interest and enthusiasm. We look forward to his next adventures in paint at Eden" Sue Hill Creative Team - Eden Project