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“My dream is to use art as a medium to connect young people from across the globe with issues facing our environment today.”

John Dyer, Artist in residence for the Eden Project UK and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

John’s latest project is called ‘Last Chance to Paint’ and he wants to inspire children and schools to help him create the world’s largest ever online art gallery of children’s work about the environment.

John is in the unique position of having contacts across the world and is already planning to capture global concerns in paint.

"Last Chance to Paint will see me painting many of the world’s endangered landscapes, animals, plants and people. Technology will allow schools to ‘travel’ with me on the adventures."

"Students will be able to ask questions and get live answers from the people we meet on the ground. Art, science, environment and culture will all be explored. It’s going to be amazing!"

Young people will be able to share their creativity with the world on the dedicated project web site

"My last project ‘Spirit of the Rainforest’ showcased well over 1000 paintings from children and ‘Last Chance to Paint’ aims for even bigger outcomes.”

"To gather support for this exciting project I need schools and families to register their interest now. We plan to launch the first adventures in 2019 and we hope you will 'travel' with us and discover amazing places, people, animals and plants as you create your very best art. The process will be exciting and perhaps emotional, it will result in heartfelt bonds between all who take part and the subjects we paint and I need your support to be able to achieve this."

You can get involved and support the project today; find out what it’s all about at:

"If you believe, as we do, that it is now urgent that we connect young people to the environment and the challenges of climate change, then please donate to John Dyer's 'Last Chance to Paint' project today. You can also support us in the following ways, so we can launch the project and engage thousands of young people in 2019 and beyond. Thank you."

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Register your email, school email, teachers email so we can let you know when we go live

2: Get your class to recreate the John Dyer world map on a big scale and send it into us and help us to spread the word. Details on the front page at

3: If you can please donate to our gofundme page. The project will be more expensive to run than previous projects and every pound really counts

4: Why not purchase a 'Last Chance to Paint' John Dyer poster, mug, tie, cushion, 2019 calendar and more from our dedicated online shop - all of the profits will help to support the project costs