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Our 27 Years of Gallery History in Cornwall

We are delighted to have built up over 27 years of experience as a gallery in Cornwall, London and Monaco.

Our main gallery that used to represent all of our artists was Beside The Wave Gallery in Falmouth which was founded and set up by the Dyer family in 1989. It was originally founded as a showcase for the art of Ted Dyer. 

Many people to this day (2016) still assume that Beside The Wave Gallery is the main point of contact for our artists. This is not the case, but there is such an enormous history that it will always be that some people will make this connection and we still have clients going to our former gallery to find our work. The gallery is still there but our artwork and artists are now represented and exhibited by The John Dyer Gallery.

John Dyer and Joanne Short actually lived for a period of time above the Beside The Wave Gallery (as did artist Richard Tuff) and this had an influence on their work as the gallery offered fantastic views across Falmouth harbour. The artist Fred Yates also painted from the building and artist John Dyer had many memorable encounters with Fred while living there. 

In 2005 The John Dyer Gallery was launched as an online and by appointment gallery. The new gallery format allowed the artists to work beyond the restrictions of their traditional high street gallery and to forge working relationships with many leading organisations across the world. The format of working with exciting organisations and turning exhibitions into art events in unusual locations has taken the artists and the John Dyer Gallery to a new level that is beyond what could be achieved with a traditional high street art gallery.

In 2007 the Dyer family decided to sell Beside The Wave Gallery to new owners and our artists do not exhibit there anymore.